AMA summary for Plian roadmap 2022

2 min readJan 20, 2022


Plian roadmap for 2022 was released on Jan 12th 2022 which got lots of attracts from Plian community. To clarify some questions about the roadmap 2022, we call for community members to ask anything in the Twitter comment, some of them have been selected and answered by Plian founder Dr. Jeff Cao at twitter on Jan 19th 2022. Here is the summary.

Q1. Is there someone building something on this blockchain appart from Pizzapi? (@Melenobytes )

Jeff: Yes. Of course

Q2. Earlier you announced zk-rollups. Why is it not in roadmap? (@tr5years )

Jeff: Yes. We made some updates to better align with the MetaFi trend.

Q3. China continues to promote the Digital Yuan, will the crosschain happen in 2022 in order to achieve a FIAT ramp to cryptos in the DEFI space? (@PlianSpain)

Jeff: We continue to develop our crosschain technology. While China Digital Yuan is not just a technical problem.

Q4. Hello Mr. Jeff Cao, how many patents does the project have? (@victorocq111)

Jeff: 10+ in total now.

Q5. We were told that the roadmap from 2022 to 2025 would be announced in January. Why has only 2022 been announced? (@Gandalf06932054)

Jeff: Yes. Thanks for this good question. In fact, we hope to declare the roadmap from 2022 to 2025. We decided to only release the roadmap in 2022 at last, as the blockchain tech and market are changing so fast. Our plan needs to be updated year by year.

Q6. How much CCC at that moment? Are you expecting a new CCC in 2022? (@Alexeycrypto )

Jeff: I believe so.

Q7. What about new Buybaycks in 2022? Thank you. (@Alexeycrypto)

Jeff: Yes, for sure. Buyback is a long term plan in Plian.

Q8. Do you think there may be competition ahead of pizzap before it is fully launched?( @Gandalf06932054)

Jeff:Yes. Pizzap is an NFT project incubated by Plian. It’s the 1st VoiceNFT project in the world as far as we known. More and more people began to realize the value of VoiceNFT. And We are glad to see there are some good projects working in this direction now.

Q9. Hi Jeff, love the Plian Blockchain. Super fast, close to zero fees and scalable to infinity.Question: How many partners do we have using our Comercial Child Chain and what is Plian doing to bring more enterprises to use CCC? (@BitcoinRubio)

Jeff: CCC tech has been widely used in 6+ industries with over 100 cases including 2 national level granted blockchain innovation projects.

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