FAQ for PCHAIN Public Test

Guidance Questions

A1: You can get 100K free tPAI once a day via https://testnet.pchain.org/vfaucet.html.

A2: Recommend to fill you genesis address which is generated by initialization.

But if you fill the address which is generated by PCHAIN Testnet wallet ( https://testnet.pchain.org/wallet.html ), you can send a transaction to the genesis address.

A3: The genesis address please. Make sure there are at least 100K tPAI in it and get the hash and public key ready before voting.

A4: Currently we hope more test Validator to work with us and get familiar with PCHAIN which will improve the stability of PCHAIN mainnet greatly. If everything goes well, we will balance the cost and there will be some reward.

For now, If you join our Public Test and run a node, you will be distributed with another 1% annual divided with all of your PAI locked in PANDA Plan & PANDA-X Plan after you become Validator on PCHAIN mainnet.

A5: Please follow README on Github https://github.com/pchain-org/pchain/ which is the latest guidance version to test as validator.

A6: Please go to https://www.reddit.com/r/Pchain_Org_Official/comments/a79ofk/validator_invitation_for_public_test_on_pchain/

A7:Please go to https://github.com/pchain-org/pchain/wiki/Command-Line-Options and you will get more console info.

A8: No. Metamask is a Google browser plug-in of Ethereum. It is not compatible with PCHAIN.

A9: No. Our testnet is running on Ubuntu 16.04, but we are mainly developing on Windows. Those files with CR/LF endline are there for historical reason, all the newly commit are format as LF endline by gofmt, we will plan to convert all the incorrect endline before the mainnet launch.

Operation Questions

A1: It’s the synchronization issue, but no influence on executing.

A2: After replacing files, please run this file : run_pchain.sh

A3: Use RPC tdm_getCurrentEpochNumber, tdm_getEpoch to get current validator list and compare local default account to it. If it is in the list, the validator is working well.

RPC documents link: https://github.com/pchain-org/pchain/wiki/JSON-RPC

A4: It’s ok. If there are accounts when pchain is running, pchain will use accounts[0] as the default account.

A5: Please comfirm which chain you are operating on, and then revise http://localhost:6969 to http://localhost:6969/chainname. For example, http://localhost:6969/child_0.

$ curl -X POST -H “Content-Type:application/json” — data ‘{“jsonrpc”:”2.0",”method”:”tdm_getEpoch”,”params”:[1],”id”:1}’ http://localhost:6969/pchain


A6: It seems that you have not join PCHAIN Testnet yet. If you join successfully, there will be more than 4 eth accounts. Please try again.

A7: Please follow 2 steps here and try again.


Download Script Files Path: pchain_init_dirs

Use the files in zip to replace 3 files as below in the local folder named pchain




Step 2:

init pchain with eth_genesis.json:

./bin/pchain -datadir .pchain init .pchain/pchain/eth_genesis.json

A8: Please follow steps as below:

./pchain — datadir .pchain init_eth_genesis “{100000000000000000000,100}”

./pchain — datadir .pchain init .pchain/pchain/eth_genesis.json

A9: Open the priv_validator.json file under .pchain/pchain, replace your testnet wallet address to the “address”, and then write your private key into a file and run command “./bin/pchain — datadir=yourDataDirectory account import yourPrivateFile”.

A10: You need to transfer 100K tPAI to this address or get 100K tPAI via https://testnet.pchain.org/vfaucet.html.

Q11:Check the current Epoch number with RPC : tdm_getCurrentEpochNumber

Then Check the Epoch details with RPC: tdm_getEpoch, which enables you to know when to vote and reveal vote for next Epoch Validator.


A12: Each Epoch is about 24 hours now on Testnet. You need to wait till to the vote_start_block.

A13: Salt can be any string. You can use the web3 API to make votehash with https://github.com/pchain-org/pweb3/wiki/JavaScript-API#web3getVoteHash

Q14: <addressKeyAmountSalt>

A15: The private key in priv_validator.json is consensus private key to use, not address private key. Your address private key is located at keystore folder.

A16: You put 0x186a0 in it. So the amount of tPAI that you voted is less than 100K tPAI. You should vote more than 152d02c7e14af6000000.

A17: No. Total number of validator in new Epoch = the number of current validator + 1/2 * number of new candidates who participated in revealing vote successfully. If there is only one candidate participated in, then we will keep the same number of validator as current.

Thank you for reading!

Welcome to join PCHAIN Public Test Telegram and have further discussion.

Telegram 1, Telegram 2, Telegram(Chinese Community)
Telegram(Russian Community), Telegram(Spanish Community)
Telegram(Germany Community), Telegram (French Community)
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