FAQ for PCHAIN Public Test

Guidance Questions

Q1: How to get free tPAI to test on PCHAIN Testnet?

Q2: What’s the address that is required to get tPAI?

Q3: Which address should I use to vote for Validator?

Q4: Do you plan a reward for Validator testing on PCHAIN Testnet?

Q5: Where to find the guidance document to test as Validator ?

Q6: Where to find the system requirements for testnet Validator ?

Q7: How to use the javascript console?

Q8: Is Metamask compatible with PCHAIN multichain architecture?

Q9: It seems the files are in Windows endline format which is not understood by Linux. Does it mean PCAHIN only been tested on Windows ?

Operation Questions

Q1: What does this error “chain reorged during section processing ” mean?

Q2: When it starts connecting to node now, but it says that “Genesis block mismatch — 7f721fab51e02481 (!= 15cd944f35cbbaa9)”.

Q3: How to check if validator is working well?

Q4: Is it ok default account undefined?

Q5: When I do:

curl -X POST — data ‘{“jsonrpc”:”2.0",”method”:”tdm_getEpoch”,”params”:[1],”id”:1}’ http://localhost:6969

it answers:404 page not found

Q6: I could not find any info about which chain I’m on?

Q7: Some problems to join PCHAIN net.

Q8: How to generate a genesis address?

Q9: How to do if I want to use the wallet generated on PCHAIN testnet wallet ( https://testnet.pchain.org/wallet.html) with tPAI for voting?

Q10: After creating an account

bin / pchain — datadir “/home/ubuntu/pchain/.pchain” init_eth_genesis “{1000000000000000000000000000000, 100}”

100,000 tPAI will I enroll automatically? Or do I need to transfer to this address 100 000 tPAI ??

Q11: How to know when to vote for next Epoch?

Q12: How long each Epoch lasted?

Q13: How to get the voteHash parameter? How to make votehash?

Q14: The format of the hash

Q15: How I can sign with a private key if I do not have it from the address generate from genesiss? I am able to unlock, but I do not understand where to find:


Sign the Address with BLS Private Key, return the BLS Signature to proof you are the owner of the BLS Public Key


from: address, 20 Bytes — Address which will be signed “

Q16: Why all this null?

This is a result after reveal:

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type:application/json” — data ‘{“jsonrpc”:”2.0",”method”:”tdm_getNextEpochVote”,”params”:[],”id”:1}’ http://localhost:6969/pchain


This is the reveal:

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type:application/json” — data ‘{“jsonrpc”:”2.0",”method”:”tdm_revealVote”,”params”:[“0xDF671D03CC038E2BC11E688E7CBA8E42B3CD462A”, “154723DEF2A64E0A9E671EA2F96496CA1C2F84154C4D786E0D8085AD1D1C8DDF864925662965E3A5510C18098711943ED84210277A25898A8C68BDFF25998CFB67D5D2E2F49298C4B00945E075BFF6450C0C2C88EB75”, “0x186a0”, “MARmar”, “0x83759b6642ba64d76a210bf9bacd5b0211f4987ee3680d6e12b6ab08bc607c476122a458df01b3615b52825f3214430b851048b4e67aeacadeeda9a1517b7eed”],”id”:1}’ http://localhost:6969/pchain

Q17: Are there only 4 validators for each epoch ?

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