How to join PCHAIN cross chain game?

PCHAIN Lottery, the first cross chain game on Testnet 2.0, is online. Welcome to join and try the high performance with BCH. It is total transparent and gives users the best chance to win.

People from all over the world have the equal chance with each basic amount of tBCH, the larger amount you bet, the greater chance you will win. PCHAIN smart-contract powered wallet automatically sends 70% of all received tBCH to one randomly chosen wallet-participant. Another 30% will be distributed to 3 lucky participants.

Introduction of Cross Chain Game:

  1. Go to and generate a new account on the “Wallet” tab.

2.“Free tPAI”: You can get 1 tPAI once a day.

Fill your valid email address and click send.

FIll the verification code which was showed in the email you received.

Fill the address that you generate on the PCHAIN Testnet.

Fill the retweet link that we posted.(This Tweet)

3. “Wallet”: Please send some tPAI from main chain to chain 1. ( Lottery is deployed on chain 1 and it will be used to pay Gas fee when you bet.)

4. “Lottery” : Apply BCH deposit address.

5. Deposit tBCH in your BCH address.

Deposit website address, e.g.

6. Refresh the lottery page and check the BCH balance(it could take a long time due to the creation of BCH block, PCHAIN can do nothing here) . After you received tBCH you can bet.

7. Fill the amount you want to bet. This amount means how many tickets you want to buy based on the BCH balance.

0.01tBCH=1ticket .The more tickets you have, the better chance you will win from the pool.

8. The winner will be announced after each 24 hours. One period is 24 hours.

9. In each period, 3 lucky participants whose ranking is No 9/ No 99 /No 199, can share 30% reward from the pool. Each one will get 10% of the total betting. Meanwhile, the winner gets 70% rewards.

10. If the total participating member does not reach to 199 , then 10% will be rewarded to winner. If the total participating member does not reach to 99, then 20% will be rewarded to winner.

11. If the total participating member does not reach to 9, then 30% will be rewarded to winner.

12. You can withdraw all the tBCH at any time. Fill the BCH address which is generated on BCH official Testnet.

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