Mars Finance Interview — The Year of Public Chain

Q1: The year of 2018 is known as ‘the beginning year of public chains’, could you please describe your and PCHAIN’s year of 2018 in a word? If you have to make a score of this year, how much will you give?

Q2: I hope that you will deliver us some of PCHAIN’s basic data. In fact, it is a quantitative portrait of 2018. Many of the audience would like to know it.

Q3: The year of 2018 is known as ‘the beginning year of public chains’. There are various public chains in the market, which are called “China Ethereum”, “Japan Ethereum” etc. As you can see from their name, everyone wants to go beyond Ethereum to become the largest public chain and build the world's largest ecosystem in the blockchain world. However, over the last year, regardless the influence, performance, Dapps and communities, no one has succeeded. They have made their own progress certainly, but the fact is fact. And we need to face it together. In your opinion, to be better than Ethereum and to become the first public chain, what is the breakthrough of PCHAIN which you are contributing?

Q4: When Feng Xiao, the chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain, talked about the blockchain industry may not have a "killer" application, which is a controversial point of view. I know it is because of the performance and decentralization of Blockchain, DApp could not have a centralized application like WeChat and Alipay in Internet. Do you think that public chain will be explored during the birth of a killer Dapp despite the technology and performance themselves? Do you believe that Dapp is a false proposition as all the largest Dapps are about gambling at present?

Q5: Some people don’t think that public chain does not need such a high TPS. How do you think? And except for the impossible triangle of the blockchain- the decentralization, the scalability, and the security, more and more people are beginning to notice another question: privacy. Has the importance of these four sectors changed in the past year?

Q6: Feng Xiao also believes that the value of each DApp will be very low, but the value of the public chain will be very high, and a $5 trillion company(economy) may be birth. In fact, since last year, the public chain has been highly sought after and is considered to be “the most valuable” in the entire blockchain world. It is also because everyone believes that “a public chain may be an economy”. Looking at it now, can this story continue? In the future, how do we assess the value of the public chain?

Q7: Regarding the public chain, are there any concepts that you take for granted, which have changed in the past year? One of the key words in today is “rebirth”, what new attempt or transformation is being done in your public chain?

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