Mars Finance Interview — The Year of Public Chain

A1: I am fine with 80 points under the current situation. At present, our progress is mostly beyond the plan of our white paper, all the work in the plan is completed. Yet at the same time, we all are under some unexpected pressure which caused by the entire market. If there is no external pressure, I think PCHAIN could reach 90 points.


-Development Period:

Preliminary preparation: From March to June 2018,

Official development: June 2018 - up to now

-if the MainNet is online: Not yet, but PCHAIN Testnet 2.0 is online

-PCHAIN team : 21 full-time

-Number of code commits and code rows: 1081 commit so far, 10,000+ lines of main code

-Number of Communities: Telegram 73K+, Titter 42k+, Bihu 70k+

-Number of DApps on PCHAIN and total daily activities: mainnet is not online, but we have more than 20 partners

A3: PCHAIN is the first native multi-chain system that supports EVM in the world. As stated in the previous question, Ethereum is still the largest public chain in the world. The biggest advantage of PCHAIN ​​is that it can seamlessly connect with all Dapps on Ethereum. At the same time, PCHAIN has the features of native multi-chain, and it means we can have a higher TPS. We can also do various parallelization better, and the number of multi-chains that we can support now is the highest one in the world. We have not yet seen any of other platform which can achieve 256 child chains. There are totally different requirements, such as stability, performance and other aspects, to settle and support several, dozens and hundreds of child chains comparing with supporting over 200 child chains, especially in the native multi-chain system. For example, if there are too many child chains, the storage pressure of the main chain is a very high and difficult for breaking through. PCHAIN’s solution of this point is that we have already 6 related patents. Beside the higher TPS, we also support cross-chain transaction. In the existing projects, the combination of high TPS and cross-chain features can bring a lot very effective and interesting blockchain applications. At the same time, we are currently developing a new standard - Smart Data. It is the trend of blockchain world. And we can see more and more clearly that the future blockchain and big data will be used as combination. We believe that Smart Data will be a very important direction. Large-scale applications also need to solve the problems with data.

A4: I think it must be dependent on the birth of the killer Dapp. Because for a wider group of people, they do not care about the underlying technology, user friendly is the first priority. Although there are many discussions on public chain technology. In fact, not everyone has many ideas about it. Therefore, the next public chain burst development must be through the birth of a killer Dapp, or an application. Everyone will realize the development of the underlying public chain technology.

I don’t think Dapp is a false proposition. In the future, blockchain will definitely develop in the direction of Dapp, because Dapp is actually an application of blockchain technology in various industries. In the future, if we believe that the blockchain can change the world, it will definitely have an impact on all walks of life, and the result must be Dapp.

A5: I think the competition of TPS speed is an everlasting demand, just like we always need a faster computer. This is just a problem likes chickens and eggs. I don’t think that there is a need for a very high TPS now, because there is not a very big scale blockchain applications there. But in the future, if we firmly say that the blockchain would have different applications in all industries. The demand for high TPS is inevitable. It is just like a car has not yet been built. People would say that the car is still not completed, don’t ask what could be transported. This is a mutual process. Privacy needs to be transparent constantly for blockchain. Just as we said before that many things shouldn’t be seen by the public, they were all private. But now the society is developing more and more transparent and open, so there will be a problem that which is private which is not. For example, making the transactions public cannot be imagined in the past, especially for the banking system. But the fact, they are transparent to all on the existing public chain system. In terms of privacy, I think it is a relative concept.

A6: I think the value of the public chain must exist because it is an infrastructure. If there is no infrastructure, it is beyond imagination to use blockchains to change the way of life, so the infrastructure itself is with higher value. Once a public chain has a great technical innovation, more and more Dapps will be generated and aggregated based on this public chain. And the effect of this aggregation will be very large. Therefore, the future value of the public chain will be accompanied by the improvement of its underlying technology and the formation of more and more Dapps on it, which will make it more and more valuable.

A7: At the very beginning, everyone just used the public chain to make some simple transactions. The trend now is that with more and more applications, the importance of data based on the public chain will become more and more important. At the beginning of this year, this kind of feeling is not particularly obvious when we proposed Smart Data. But now, we find that data, Smart Data, for the development of the entire public chain is becoming more and more important, and the trend is becoming more and more obvious. Before that, I will also make various predictions about the development of blockchain. For example, in 2015, I predicted that the blockchain can change the way of cloud computing. By 2017, the blockchain is the source of new social wealth. Both of these predictions have been verified. At the beginning of this year, I also made a prediction that the development trend of the public chain is multi-chain, cross-chain and Smart Data. The multi-chain and cross-chain have also been verified. All projects this year are focusing on both directions. I think Smart Data will be more reflected in 2019.

As so far, PCHAIN ​​is still developing according to the goals and directions set by our white paper, but the trend of these directions we have developed at that time has become more and more obvious. We hope that through the development and continuous advancement of our projects, we can drive the development of the entire industry and really get a breakthrough in the underlying technology.

**Click here to view the Chinese press release from Mars Finance.

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