PCHAIN Bi-Weekly Progress Report(14/01/2019–27/01/2019)

4 min readJan 28, 2019

Welcome to PCHAIN Bi-weekly report.

We would like to present you with our latest progress update. Please read below for a rundown of some important things that have occurred last week.

Development Progress

1. Maintain Pchain TestNet 2.1 for testing

2. Finish coding for delegation mechanism of pchain

3. Adjust the award mechanism of main chain and official child chain 1

4. Keep adjusting consensus module of pchain

5. Continue the documentation work

6. Finish the coding of pchain wallet, start testing

7. Start simulation of going online of pchain mainnet


PCHAIN is now listed on SWFT

PCHAIN has been officially listed on the SWFT cross-chain platform on 22 Jan, 2019. Users can exchange with other 100+ coins on SWFT with cross chain at will, which makes them need not any other intermediate coins. The exchange time is 9 seconds on average. PCHAIN and SWFT will make in-depth cooperation in the future so that both integrate respective resources, establish the blockchain ecosystem and bring more creative value to the development of blockchain technology. In addition, in order to feedback the support of the community users, we also have launched a new candy event. Click here to the details.

PCHAIN is officially on the Huobi Chat

PCHAIN is officially on the Huobi Chat. Thanks for the invitation. Welcome to follow PCHAIN (ID: 10206921) on Huobi Chat. Look forward to sharing the opinion about blockchain development and discuss with more people from all over the world. Huobi Chat is a social networking platform in the blockchain era and an autonomous social network for the future. Built on the advantages of social networks of Huobi Group and its global exchange business, Huobi Chat has launched a new business model as “socializing is mining”.

Welcome to one-click to join PCHAIN Testnet

Since PCHAIN Public Test launched, external nodes join continuously and always give serious feedback timely. Up to now, we are glad to see some external nodes have successfully become validators via the bidding process including vote and reveal vote.

In order to make it easier and faster for more people to connect the testnet and become Validator, PCHAIN has updated the “one-click” deployment document “Install & Join”.

After installation, the testnet has been successfully connected. And this guidance doc will help you create the default address more quickly, which is used to vote.

Click here to get more info via FAQ.

Reveal the poll result of PCHAIN new Ticker

After 2 round poll, the result of PCHAIN new Ticker has been announced with PI by 41% under the other options of XPI, API and XPN, PI. The poll was launched by PCHAIN and made a decision after referring to the relevant opinions provided by PCHAIN community members in the first poll and the result. PCHAIN will exchange to the new Ticker in late February 2019. The official announcement will be released separately later. Stay tuned.

Discuss industrial cloud+blockchain with Director Li and CAXA

PCHAIN Founder Dr. Feng Cao has accompanied Lei Li, Director of Economic Development Zone Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province to visit Publicly listed company — CAXA to have a deep cooperation discussion about industrial cloud+blockchain. CAXA is a leading industrial software and industrial Internet company in China. Over the past years, CAXA has provided software and services for more than 30,000 Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Its foreign users cover over 24 countries including Europe, America and so on. On the industrial Internet side, CAXA industrial cloud has more than 310,000 registered users.

Thanks for participating in PCHAIN PANDA-X Plan

The PCHAIN PADNA X Plan has officially ended at 23:59:59 on January 20, 2019. Thank you for your active participation and support. We have confirmed and replied to your emails one by one. Please be attention. Rewards will be distributed gradually after PCHAI mainnet launched. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading!

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