PCHAIN & Binance Dex AMA Summary

It is honored to join Binance Dex AMA. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is PCHAIN summary of this AMA.

1st Round

1. what do you mean about unicorn application?are you gonna make a game ,a white horse with a horn?

Feng: that means this application got many users and had great biz impact.

2. What revolutionary products does PCHAIN provide and how does it cause a paradigm shift in the world? What is the current demand scenario for PCHAIN and how many users do you have currently?

Feng: PCHAIN provide a very unique combination of tech features including multichain with high tps and cross chain.

3. Why did you decide to build blockchain in China?

Feng: China is the largest and fast growing market in the world.

4. Can you please explain your “Patented PDBFT algorithm” simply? What are the differences and advantages over traditional PBFT algorithms also others?

Feng: PDBFT combine the VRF+BFT+BLS and successfully reduced the communication cost from N² to N.

5. Do you think this layer2 protocol could be used to enhance Pchain’s interoperability? They have SDK available.

Feng: Yes. In fact, PCHAIN can also interoperate with layer 2. Eventhough PCHAIN got high tps.

2nd Round

1. How did PCHAIN survive in during long bear market? what your team strategy to gain more Adoption ?Can you share us on recent achievement your team are most proud of?

Feng: Commerical Child Chain is the key. And we will build more and more applications on PCHAIN to make the platform has real value.

2. Have you meet all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared for?

Feng: Yes. Difficulties I think it’s for all public chain. That is the whole market is not so good. From some aspect, I think it’s a good thing. The bear market will tell you which project are real blockchain project instead of some fake project

3. The crypto market is still not out of the woods. Every day new kinds of FUDS.Government is cracking down on crypto The market is cropped up with zillion of shitcoins — No utility No future ahead. So My question is how the legit project like #Pchain keeps motivated itself and what keeps you going amidst all the negative news?

Feng: We are the true believer of blockchain. We believe blockchain tech will change the whole world.

4. How to use Pchain in the real world?

Feng: You can dev smart contract on PCHAIN. You can send tx on PCHAIN. And you can record any text in PCHAIN.So many industry solution dev team are exploring PCHAIN.

5. PCHAIN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) . How EVM will help to solve real world problems and increase the adoption ?

Feng: Yes. In fact, we found it’s quite important to support EVM. Even through, many people is arguing EVM is not good. It’s still the most popular engine in the world.

3rd Round

1. Do you have real users and partners that use your services and what marketing strategy do you have to draw new users as without marketing no matter how good the product is nobody cares?

Feng: We achieved many partnership.e.g CFCA China Financial Certification Authority, 99% banks in China are using its CA U disk.

2. what and how 5g integration will affect the developments of pchain?

Feng: Yes. It will greatly facilitate the network concensus. In our white paper, we hope to seperate the execution engine from the concensus module. While in our real dev, we found it’s impossible as current network is so bad espcially in global enviroment.

3. Is ZERO KNOWLEDGE PROOF part of your plans? Are you collaborating with anyone regarding it?

Feng: Yes, we will integrate with a ZKP solution in smart contract level.

4. How does Pchain assess the importance of the user community? Does Pchain have any plan to expand the community? For example, there are promotions, awards …

Feng: Yes. We believe the community is the key for the success of blockchain project. We mainly focused on tech dev in 2018. We take more effort with community in 2019. And we keep our twitter daily update and telegram 7*24 hours.

5. What’s the idea behind naming PCHAIN?

Feng: P means PI, Para-Chain, Poly-Chain, Partition/Sharing, Public-Chain. PI is a basic element to generate any number in the world.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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