PCHAIN Mainnet Will Upgrade to V1.3.0 on April 1st

As the 1st anniversary of PCHAIN mainnet is coming soon, PCHAIN will release the new mainnet version 1.3.0 on March 30th and schedule the hard-fork upgrade on April 1st. The exact time for mainnet hard fork will be based on the block number which will be further announced on March 30th as well.

For the new mainnet version 1.3.0, we will optimize the following functions to further stabilize mainnet. All the node runners on PCHAIN, please ensure that you will complete the upgrade.

1. Fixing on executing smart contract, correct receipt’ s status

2. Fixing on incorrect parameter number when execute DepositInMainChain

3. Fixing on tx3 cannot broadcast in time when transfer cross chain

4. Fixing on deposit returning when fail to create child chain

5. Add checking code for epoch0’s evidence when new child chain create

6. Based on PCHAIN’s work, change the directory tendermint to PDBFT

7. Fixing on crashing when enter new epoch under some particular condition

8. Limit the number of delegators with each candidate to 1000

9. Limit the minimum block number of each epoch to 100000

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