Monthly Progress Report

Welcome to PCHAIN monthly report.

We would like to present you with our latest progress update. Please read below for a rundown of some important things that have occurred over the past four weeks.

Development Progress

1. Supplied snapshot of mainnet data

2. Organized the technical documentation

3. Deployed child chain smart contract

4. Optimized database

5. Developing Wallet app version

6. Maintain PCHAIN mainnet


1. Appreciate nodes’ effort to make child chain 1 successfully upgraded in epoch 13. For the loss of mining reward during the maintenance period, PCHAIN will release extra rewards to current nodes and delegators as the compensation. More details will be further announced soon.

2. Finally, we get 14 candidates nodes applications via Ankr. For the 3.6million PI delegation pool, we will delegate 2.4m PI to 12 qualified candidates and 200K PI to 2 candidates whose commission % is wrong before 75% height. In next Epoch, we will delegate the remaining 1m PI to the first 10 candidates.

3. PCHAIN main chain switched to Epoch 15 on July 3rd. 56 nodes participate in mining blocks and their total staking amount reached 256,575,027 PI. The delegation will end on July 22nd.

4. On July 9th, Dr Jeff Cao was invited by Huifu ( ) to deliver the keynote about Blockchain and DCEP , and also take part in the panel on July 18th with the guests from from Alibaba Cloud, Fudan University & GDS ( to talk about industrial Internet.

5. Glad to find the educational blockchain videos by Dr. Cao Feng at which is supervised by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. It is a quality platform available to everyone and all the Party members, based on the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the 19th CPC National Congress.

6. As Dr. Jeff Cao replied to @ Merov1ngian via twitter, there will be a new IEEE blockchain standard P3205 on crosschain kickoff meeting on July 23th, and PCHAIN was invited to participate it with Alibaba, Tencent and other members as well.

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