PCHAIN (PAI) Progress Report (2018/06/01–2018/06/07)

A. Exchanges

PCHAIN is ranked 10 on Bibox trading volume!
PAI/ETH first spot in terms of trading volume for the consecutive 6 days

B. PAI Token listing on several market data website

PCHAIN(PAI) is ranked 165 on Livecoinwatch!
PCHAIN PAI in BitKan. BitKan established in 2012 which provides the latest price for bitcoins and other tokens in various exchanges.
PCHAIN(PAI) on imtoken. Western people may be not familiar with imtoken. imtoken stores 35 Billion USD worth in ETH, which is larger than Coinbase and 99% banks in US.

C. Technical Development

Jeff adds: “ It’s a historical moment of the multi-chain system. “

D. Conferences and Talks

Founder and CEO of PCHAIN, Dr Feng Cao (Jeff) answering the moderator’s question

Closing Words



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