PCHAIN (PAI) Weekly Progress Report (19/11/2018–25/11/2018)

Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report.

We would like to present you with our latest progress update. Please read below for a rundown of some important things that have occurred last week.

Development Progress

1. Maintain PCHAIN TestNet 1.0 for testing

2. Start testing for TestNet2.0, prepare to deployment

3. Keep debugging the module of enhanced PDBFT consensus

4. Keep coding for first version of cross-chain transaction

5. Continue the documentation work

6. Keep investigating the functions of PCHAIN wallet


Statement of“PCHAIN Code Review”

Steven Lv, PCHAIN CTO, made the following summary for code of PCHAIN that has not been open sourced.

1) “master”: This branch represents the stable version of PDBFT and multi-chain, also the code base of TestNet1.0, but a little newer than TestNet1.0 with some bug fixed and re-factory.

2) “new_one_stack”: Represents the feature of integrating PDBFT into Ethereum mining framework. Within this branch, PDBFT works like an internal module of Ethereum. This branch also contains the latest work of ‘multi-chain’.

3) “one_stack_bls_merge”: PDBFT also evolves gradually. From bls consensus to VRF proposer selection, to one-step voting, this branch contains most frontier work. Also with code merge to new_one_stack branch.

4) “run_tx_before_vote”: Modify the run&vote order for PDBFT to make it more efficient.

The System Requirements for the PCHAIN Super Node Have Been Announced

The last time to add token of PCHAIN executive super node was closed at Nov. 22nd 23:59:59 SGT (UTC+8). This chance of adding tokens played an important role in the PANDA plan ranking. At the same time, we also announced the system requirements for the super node last week. It is expected to spend $ 140 per month for each node to run validator operation. In the follow-up, we will also announce the PCHAIN delegator mechanism to allow more people to participate in the consensus.

For details of equipment requirements, please click on the link:


What happened with PCHAIN and Junction Hackers?

From November 23rd to November 25th , the PCHAIN team went to Finland for a three-day trip of Junction 2018 (the largest hackathon in Europe). They shared the innovative technology of PCHAIN with more than 1,000 participants and guided them to complete the challenge of blockchain “Mint a stable coin for digital countries” based on PCHAIN. The top three team could separately get 80 000 PAI, 50 000 PAI and 20 000 PAI. More exciting follow-ups will be updated this week, stay tuned!

PCHAIN was invited to have an official interview with Neo and Bytom as a main chain partner of Junction. Through this platform, more blockchain enthusiasts can understand the nature of the blockchain. Here is the interview video:


PCHAIN was invited to attend the opening ceremony of Plug and Play Blockchain Lab

On November 19th, PCHAIN, as a blockchain partner of Plug and Play, attended the Plug and Play 2018 Winter Summit. The Plug and Play blockchain lab was announced the official launch by important guests such as Plug and Play founder Saeed Amidi and Chinese CEO Jieping Xu.

The Blockchain Innovation Lab, as an essential part of Plug and Play global blockchain strategy, will build up an ecosystem to support blockchain startups at all stages of lifecycle, from incubation, acceleration to funding. Plug and Play Blockchain Lab is committed to bridging the gaps between blockchain technologies and industrial applications by accelerating blockchain startups’commercial breakthroughs while sourcing external innovation for corporations in search of disruptive technologies.




Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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