PCHAIN Weekly Progress Report(12/10/2018–12/16/2018)

Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report.

We would like to present you with our latest progress update. Please read below for a rundown of some important things that have occurred last week.

Development Progress

1. Released and maintain Pchain TestNet 2.1 for testing

2. Maintain and debug for PCHAIN

3. Supply PCHAIN web3 nodejs library and documents

4. Keep investigating cross-chain solution

5. Continue the documentation work

6. Keep investigating the functions of PCHAIN wallet



PCHAIN will open the source code on December 21, 2018, so that more people can have a deeper understanding of the underlying innovative technology of PCHAIN. Meanwhile everyone is welcomed to our developer community (http://developer.pchain.org/) or telegram community (https://t.me/pchain_org) for discussing more technical topics and issues with us. At the same time, Christmas is coming. , retweet (https://twitter.com/pchain_org/status/1073227274001018880)and comment our tweet, guess how many times the code commits are updated as long as before December 21, then you could be the luck one for PCHAIN’s X-mas present.

The year about Public Chains

On December 13th, Dr. Feng Cao, Founder of PCHAIN, was invited to the first summit dialogue of Mars Finance editors at the moment “outbreak, frustration and breakthrough — the year about public chains”. The topics were including how to go beyond ether square, how to evaluate the value of public chains, how to review the impossible triangle of public chains and other hot topics in the industry. Representatives from different public chains reviewed the development history of public chain in 2018 comprehensively and offered many insightful ideas about further activities and market.

Dr. Feng Cao believes Ethereum is still the largest public chain at the moment, and the development of public chain in the future will depend on the birth of Dapps. The value of public chain in the future will be accompanied by the improvement of its own underlying technology and the formation of more and more dapps, which will generate more and more additional value, above public chains,. If blockchain is to produce different applications in different industries, then TPS will always be a requirement. In addition, in Dr. Feng Caos prediction of blockchain development, he believes that the trend verification of Smart Data will be more reflected in 2019.

Mars Finance report

Interview details

AMA with PCHAIN partner GTEX

At 22 o ‘clock (UTC+8) on December 11th, PCHAIN Telegram AMA was hold with Vladimir Milosevic, chief operating officer of GTEX (Game Token Economy & Exchange), the world’s first digital asset platform in the Game field. Compared with other projects such as BitGuild, which only focuses on a few specific fields, GTEX platform can be used to meet all the needs of Game players and Game developers. The GTEX platform works closely with game developers and helps them distribute tokens and promote games. Vladimir Milosevic also said that PCHAIN is the highest TPS project, which is heard by GTEX, for public chain projects and can support high-speed and low-latency trading of GTEX’s future game digital assets. 【AMA summary

Interview for PCHAIN first use case concept: CO2 Smart Contract

The winning team CO2 Smart Contract from the Finnish Junction hackathon 2018 in PCHAIN’s challenge took the interview of PCHAIN recently. The team mentioned that through this competition, they understand more clearly how to use the blockchain as part of their project solution. Currently, the team is looking for Funds to support a pilot project in Finland and to help them access resources such as landowners, environmental assistance, and constructive management advice. The team will also develop the project based on the high-performance of PCHAIN as soon as possible, for making it to be a real application, and expanding the project’s scale internationally.

Activity Preview: China Federation of Blockchain Innovation Application Annual Conference

Blockchain Innovation Application Conference, which is hosted by the China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Blockchain Application Branch, will be held in Shenzhen on December 21st,2018. At that time, Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, SF Express, Jingdong.com and other global Fortune 500 companies will be present there as well. Dr. Feng Cao, Founder of PCHAIN and the Chief Scientist of Blockchain Committee of CFLP (China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing), will also participate in the blockchain + logistics supply chain application development forum to discuss blockchain development plan in China for 2019. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading!

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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