Plian DAO Invests in WastelandSettlers, Strategically Partners to Bring the Gamefi to Plian Ecosystem

3 min readMay 17, 2022


WastelandSettlers, a game with an innovative Burn-to-Reward mechanism, is pleased today to announce a strategic partnership with Plian to build this NFT-Based Free2Play, Play2Earn game on their chain.

Plian is a proof-of-stake native multichain network that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Plian has lately gained much attention for its scalability, security, and speed. It handles millions of transactions per second, and comes at a low cost, giving it an advantage over other protocols in the market.

WastelandSettlers is a Free2Play Role-Playing game about survival, exploration and collection. This game is a free-to-play game, players don’t have to pay to play the game. WastelandSettlers is also the first ever project to implement the Burn-to-Reward Mechanism. The mechanism is powerful, players don’t have to worry about selling NFTs, and also it’s a perfect solution for the problem of Hyperinflationary.

WastelandSettlers implements Burn-to-Reward mechanism into Contribution Pool. Unlike most Dual-Tokens systems, which have an unlimited game token causing inevitable inflation draining value of tokens. Contribution pool is designed to reward contributors, who burn their NFTs, a total fixed number of $WASTE tokens every day. This approach effectively manages token supply serving new-joining players of the metaverse.

WastelandSettlers also offers limited Player Identity, it’s the game pass that provides owners unrivaled utility, collectability and continued value-added in the game. To ensure the long term investment value, WastelandDao is planning to continue these Player Identity into their other Wasteland serial games.

The Plian investment allows WastelandSettlers to use the full stack of capabilities of Plian chain, and benefits from its cheaper gas, higher throughputs and the convenience of cross chains. Since WastelandSettlers uses the unique Burn-to-Reward mechanism and requires a high speed and cheaper gas fee to make all frequent transactions run smoothly.

“Leveraging Plian’s technology, WastelandSettlers continues to bring innovative gamefi to Web3 and metaverse. “ said Frank, WastelandSettlers Co-founder. “Through the resource-driving partnership and investment, we’ll continue to release more games of our Wasteland metaverse.”

“Plian will continue to expand our ecosystem, and this is our first gamefi project.’’Said Jeff Cao, Plian CEO. “WastelandSettlers designed an innovative Burn-to-Reward system to solve the blockchain game hyperinflationary issues. And this will take gemfi into the next level.”

About WastelandSettlers

WastelanSettlers is the genesis game of Wasteland metaverse, operated by WastelandDAO. The game is a fun and free Play-to-Earn game, players enjoy the excitement of wasteland metaverse, rewarded by players’ efforts and contributions through NFT & DeFi. The innovative Burn-to-Reward mechanism solves the problem of blockchain games hyperinflation issues.

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About Plain

Plian is a proof-of-stake native multichain network that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its revolutionary PDBFT consensus mechanism enables any decentralised application running on Plian to maintain high-speed consensus through multiple chains and dynamic shards, creating the instant and hyperscalable foundation for programmable finance.

Founded by blockchain industry’s foremost pioneers, Plian’s cutting-edge and patented technologies provide instant trust and unparalleled scalability to the DeFi economy and its decentralized applications, systems, and communities.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.