Plian Monthly Report — April 2022

3 min readMay 9, 2022


Please check below the key highlights of the last 4 weeks.

Development progress

1. Complete the development of node punishment mechanism

2. Complete the development of JAVA API

3. Develop the optimization of child chain automatic reward

4. Continuously test on the EVM upgrade for Plian mainnet

5. Continuously test on the cross chain with Binance Smart Chain

6. Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

Plian news

  1. PI Holders Has Bought BBC Whitelisting

Because the Whitelisting of Baby Bunny NFT launched in the end of April opened an access for Plian. You can buy a whitelist with PI or PNFT. Some Plian community members has bought a whitelist with their PI.

2. Staking Node Change

A node on the Plian Mainnet is not generating blocks. We have noticed the community members to change their assets plan in time to avoid the risks. And we have also linked the steps about how to undelegate

This is the address of the candidate 0xdd619d482bc919b9ae199a4d23425c8a44ca414b .

Plian ecosystem project

  1. The GameFi project incubated by Plian has upgraded the official website.

2. On April 13th, PizzapDAO started the whitelisting event on Twitter & Discord. Then PizzapDAO closed the event on April 28th and published the whitelisting member.

3. The Presale of Baby Bunny NFT was live on April 28th. And the tutorial was published.

4. Plian is in the final testing to upgrade EVM to v0.8.9 in May. Paiswap will be online after this upgrade. Paiswap will be managed & executed under PlianDAO.

5. Pbridge 10k+ line code is in integrating phrase.

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