Plian Monthly Report — August 2021

3 min readSep 2, 2021


Please find below the key highlights of the last four weeks.

Development progress

1. Developing MVP verification for pbridge

2. Developed the function of PI transferring between main chain & subchains on Metamask

3. Drafted blockchain patents related to the cross-chain bridge.

4. Design the security mechanisms for cross-chain bridge with multi-signature, time lock, and MPC (Multi-party computation)

5. Other PCHAIN mainnet operation and maintenance

Plian news

1. Plian $PI DeFI staking pool on Paiswap is live on August 23rd 2021. $PI staked amount reached 100 million on PaiSwap in 48 hours since PaiSwap online on August 23rd.

2. To optimize the DeFi trading experience, Plian team provided the development support on $PI internal cross-chain transferring via MetaMask for PaiSwap, which means $PI holders can transfer directly between main chain & subchain1 after connect Metamask with Plian network.

3. To improve the contract security for Plian pbridge, except the basic mechanism Multi signature, Plian team will introduce double verification with the time lock for challenging period towards large amount transfer. In addition, Plian team will mix MPC (Multi-party Computation) with Multi-signature in the near future.

4. Plian is fully compatible with EVM tooling MetaMask, Remix, web3.js, trufflesuite, etc. This allows any Ethereum or ETH-compatible app to run on Plian. Basically, $PI holders can import PIwallet addresses to MetaMask to transfer PI.

5. For the non-swapped PAI users, Plian has released the swap solution supported by Pizzap on August 30th 2021. It will end on September 26th 2021. Swapping ratio: ERC 20 PAI/ PNFT= 1000:1. Details:

6. On August 25th 2021, Plian founder Dr. Jeff Cao delivered the keynote “Voice NFT and its Application on Supply Chain” on 4th China Smart Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Summit 2021. Some Highlights from the speech.

Scalable Voice NFT for the Enterprise on Plian

Use Enterprise NFT to track and control access to metadata in a complex supply chain

Plian ecosystem project

1. On August 23rd 2021, Pizzap launched the Beta version of PaiSwap, a decentralized exchange deployed on Plian. Check here to see what is PaiSwap:

2. Currently, PaiSwap listed Plian PI for the staking. 1M PNFT to be earned in 20 days. PNFT generates $MAPI through mining pool, which can vote in DAO as well as be sold.

3. Check here to see PNFT & MAPI recap:

4. Up to Sep 2nd 2021, the $PI staked amount reached 150M on

5. Guides for you to stake on PaiSwap.

How to connect wallet:

How to add PNFT token in MetaMask:

How to transfer PI between L1 and L2:

How to stake PI to earn PNFT:

6. On August 2nd 2021, Pizzap launched a $30,000 giveaway event to encourage community members to spread the Voice and Pizzap words. It ended on August 11th, and all the rewards have been distributed on August 13th.

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