Plian Monthly Report —August 2022

Development Progress


  1. Researched the contract functions in chain instead of writing code in contract
  2. Fixed the signature of chain ID bug
  3. Test of child chain automatic reward
  4. Improved the performance of Metamask RPC server
  5. Monitored the stability of network after EVM upgrading
  6. Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance
  1. Paiswap

Plian News

Data of Plian Staking

Plian Ecosystem Project

The Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0

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For more information, please visit Plian’s new website and updated documentation. Follow Plian on Twitter, join the general discussions on Telegram and technical discussions on Discord.



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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.