Plian Monthly Report —August 2022

Please check below the key highlights of the last 4 weeks.

Development Progress


  1. Researched the contract functions in chain instead of writing code in contract
  2. Fixed the signature of chain ID bug
  3. Test of child chain automatic reward
  4. Improved the performance of Metamask RPC server
  5. Monitored the stability of network after EVM upgrading
  6. Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance


  1. Paiswap

-Completed the integration testing of Paiswap in Plian Test Chain

-Launched Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0 with a reward activity of WIN&SHARE 50,000 $MAPI

2. BBC V2

-Completed full design of

-Added SBT(Soul Bound Token) mechanism

-Completed backend and contract development

-Completed some frontend development

3. PizzapDAO

-Completed product form and UI page design, covering NFT Market, voice NFT, and Pizzap NFT

-Completed some backend and contract development

-Completed some frontend development

Plian News

Data of Plian Staking

On August 1st, PlianDAO released a set of data of PI staking, which included:

-the amount of staking PI on Mainchain and Childchain

-the amount of staking PI in PizzapDAO Node and PlianDAO Node

Upadating of How to Connect to MetaMask

We have updated the information of how to connect Plian to MetaMask in August. The technical link was attached at the same time (

The Preview of Plian V1.5.00 Updating

Plian has updated to V1.5.00 in September. So PlianDAO has previewed it with the Staking Node tutorial and specific time in the end of August.

Plian Ecosystem Project

The Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0

The Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0 was launched on August 25, at 4:00 pm (UTC +8), which supports the “Dual Mining” :“liquidity mining” + “transaction mining”. All of the participators have the chance to share 50,000 $MAPI. It lasts for 3 weeks. If you are interested enough, you should get the details at

New Channel of PizzapDAO Development

PizzapDAO opened a new email for the builders in August. If you have some brilliant ideas, you can send them to The business development members would receive and read them carefully.

Learn more

For more information, please visit Plian’s new website and updated documentation. Follow Plian on Twitter, join the general discussions on Telegram and technical discussions on Discord.



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