Plian Monthly Report — August 2023

2 min readSep 1, 2023

Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.

Development Progress

1. Technical Development

  • Developed the crosschain with one transcation
  • Tested the crosschain with one transcation and fixed the bugs
  • Fixed the bug of new Plian explorer
  • Optimized the node status monitoring
  • Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

2. Pizzap


Disscussed the application scenarios with RWA


  • Launched Pizzap on Taiko testnet & joined Taiko ecosystem
  • Launched Pizzap on Plian Mainnet
  • Developed Pizzap new features , including AIGC Creation Contest , Gallery and new version of UI&UX
  • Optimized Pizzap AIGC (TTS, TTI)
  • Developed Pizzap Bitcoin version

Plian News

Epoch 52 of Plian

Both Plian Mainchain & Subchain has entered into Epoch 52, the data indicates that:

  1. block reward of Mainchain — 0.7198
  2. block reward of Subchain — 0.16

Plian Ecosystem

The Cooperation between Pizzap & Taiko

PizzapDAO has announced the cooperation with Taiko. Now you can view Pizzap on Taiko at

AIGC Gallery PAISPACE Officially Launched

Pizzap AIGC platform was launched in August! PAISPACE enables AI-driven creativity, which empowers creators to express their artistic ideas brilliantly.

SIGN IN to Win $PI

The SIGN IN function at starts on August 17. You can earn $PI just by signing in daily. The amount of $PI is 0~10,000 (distributed randomly).

Learn More

For more information, please visit Plian’s new website and updated documentation. Follow Plian on Twitter, join the general discussions on Telegram and technical discussions on Discord.




Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.