Plian Monthly Report — December 2022

3 min readJan 4


Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.

Development Progress


  1. Technical Development
  • Extended Plian APIs
  • Fixed miner mutex bug
  • Being developed new Plian explorer
  • Improved the performance of Plian network
  • Monitored the SLASH mechanism of child chain in Epoch 43
  • Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

2. PlianDAO

  • PlianDAO proposal — Discussed community feedback on PlianDAO draft
  • Decentralized Collaboration System — Completed product features and competitive research


  1. Paiswap
  • Confirmed the direction of future optimization
  • Discussed the launch planning timetable

2. Pizzap Website

  • Completed the core functions of the NFT market
  • Optimized the product display and interaction
  • Fixed known bugs

Plian News

Plian Mainnet V1.5.01 Update

Plian Mainnet V1.5.01 was updated on December 6th, at 4:30pm (UTC+8). After several times of noticing, all of the NODES have updated successfully.

8 NODES Canceled

8 NODES in Epoch 42 had not generated blocks, and their node verification qualification has been cancelled. Their previously pledged assets have also been returned to their accounts.

2 New Nodes of Plian

The 2 new NODES , VoiceNFT & BabyBunny had applied Plian Validator successfully in December. Blocks have been steadily generated well at present.

Recap of PlianDAO 2022

We listed the summary of PlianDAO 2022 in December and published it, which consisted of:

  • mainnet
  • DAO
  • community event
  • ecosystem

Plian Ecosystem Project

Pizzap & BabyBunny Worldcup Prediction

PizzapDAO launched an event last month, in which the members should guess: Winner of the worldcup, 2nd place & 3rd place.

Everyone had the opportunity to win a Baby Bunny valued at 0.05ETH.

The Token Economics of Wasteland

Wasteland published their Token Economics last month. We can learn that play-to-earn accounted for the largest proportion(49.5%).

Learn More

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