Plian Monthly Report — January 2022

2 min readJan 30, 2022


Please find below the key highlights of the last four weeks.

Development progress

1. Continuously test on EVM upgrade for Plian mainnet.

2. Updated mainnet AWS servers.

3. Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

Plian news

1. On Jan 5th 2022, Plian officially announced that the swap between native PI and PIBNB issued on Binance Chain will be closed on Feb 28th 2022 as the team will focus more the cross chain with Binance Smart Chain which will help increase the liquidity and easily expand the ecosystem. But PIBNB trading is always available there.

2. On Jan 12th 2022, Plian announced the Roadmap for 2022 including new GameFi project incubating, cross-chain tech, Hackathon, Plian DAO DApp tools, MetaFi, etc.

3. When Plian roadmap 2022 launched, Plian received many questions from community, Here is the summary that Plian founder Dr. Jeff Cao finally selected 10 from 31 questions to answer there.

4. On Jan 20th, Plian made an announcement that mainnet servers are being updated, and finished on Jan 21st, resuming all the API services.

5. Recap for Plian tech partner Taiyuan Normal University who was approved as Shanxi Province Blockchain Tech Application Joint Lab.

1) Reached the strategic cooperation with Huayuan International Land Port to proceed the production & education integration

2) Reached a strategic collaboration with Shanxi Equity Exchange Center, approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission as the national blochchain innovation application pilot, to promote the talent system of technology + finance.

6. Plian PoS Staking Epoch NO.33

Mainchain will end on Feb 5th 2022 , subchain1 will end on Feb 3rd 2022.

Total staking amount: 181,169,366 PI

Consensus nodes: 51 on main chain & 13 on subchain

Plian ecosystem project

1. Pizzap announced that team will put the voice of Elon Musk, @StephenCurry30 & @cz_binance selected from community recommendation in the commercial video later by using voiceprint extraction & voice cloning.

2. Paiswap Staking will enter the Epoch 6 with 10,000 PNFT rewards on Feb.10th 2022. Up to today, the total Staking amount reached 153,707,607 PI.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.