Plian Monthly Report — January 2023

2 min readFeb 3, 2023


Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.

Development Progress


  1. Technical Development
  • Being developed new Plian Explorer
  • Embed pchain-api into VM framework
  • Optimized the monitoring of NODE status
  • Updated Plian node scripts
  • Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

2. PlianDAO

  • Confirmed the future optimization & discussed the launch planning timetable of PlianDAO proposal
  • Discussed the product flow&core function of Decentralized Collaboration System


  1. Paiswap
  • Confirmed the detail of optimization&core function
  • Discussed the launch planning timetable

2. Pizzap Website

  • Optimized product display and interaction
  • Fixed known bugs Test on Plian Network
  • Discussed the launch planning timetable

Plian News

Roadmap of PlianDAO 2023

PlianDAO has discussed and passed the Roadmap of PlianDAO 2023, which consisted of:

  • mainnet
  • DAO
  • Pizzap
  • Wasteland

Plian Ecosystem Project

PizzapDAO New Year Event

PizzapDAO community launched New Year Event last month. The details include:

  1. Invite 3 friends to join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter and you will receive one of our Exclusive Baby Bunny NFTs
  2. 5 awesome persons will be selected.
  3. Tag @pizzap_io & @plian_org and your 3 friends.

A video around the event was created by the volunteers.

Roadmap of Pizzap 2023

Pizzap has renewed its Roadmap in January 2023, including:

  • Open Beta & Official Launch of VoiceNFT
  • Open Beta & Official Launch of NFT Marketplace
  • Open Beta & Official Launch of BabyBunnyClub 2.0
  • Launch of Paiswap 2.0

The Beta Test of Wasteland Settlers

Wasteland announced the Beta Test on Plian Mainnet on Jan 12 ~Jan 28, 2023(GMT+11). The tutorial of the test was published at the same time:

Learn More

For more information, please visit Plian’s new website and updated documentation. Follow Plian on Twitter, join the general discussions on Telegram and technical discussions on Discord.




Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.