Plian Monthly Report—June 2021

Please find below the key highlights of the last four weeks.

Development progress

2. Developed the quick way of node deployment with 2 steps via docker

3. Updated Piscan with showing the latest transaction records that occurred on the main chain on its homepage

4. Other PCHAIN mainnet operation and maintenance.

Plian news

2. Plian reached a partnership with East China Normal University, a top famous public research university in China. Both deployed a subchain on Plian and jointly developed the LinSBFT consensus protocol which has been used on nearly 100 commercial applications.

3. Plian founder Dr.Jeff Cao is again invited to attend the 4th China Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Summit in August. Last year he delivered a speech there with the members from Alibaba Group, JDLogistics, etc.

4. Plian cross-chain bridge pbridge will complete development of the cross chain function with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Dfinity, which will support assets transfer of ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1155. It will balance scalability, decentralization & security and lower the threshold to create/ migrate Dapps into Plian.

5. Plian main chain entered into voting on June 30th, the revealing vote will start on July 2nd. The subchain 1 will reach 75% of this epoch for voting on July 3rd.

6. Plian Q1–2 2021 roadmap recap and the additional items we completed below.

7. Plian announced that Pizzap will support the non-swapped ERC-20 PI swap to PNFT after the the active communication with Pizzap, the community-driven project powered by Plian. Stay tuned.

Plian ecosystem project

2. Pizzap launched its ecosystem deployment plan. It will release the official version of NFT marketplace on Dfinity and to be the first NFT project on it. Before that, early access versions will be available on Plian , Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum.

3. Pizzap will launch the liquid swap pool on Ethereum. Especially, this will be a chance for Plian non-swapped ERC 20 PI holders to swap ERC 20 PI to PNFT.

4. 2 types of Voice NFTs will be available to create, trade & collect on Pizzap. Check out how does Voice cloning tech work to empower Pizzap voice NFT?

5. Pizzap roll out its roadmap for Product Development for 2021- Q3 2022 , which will inspire new ways of experiencing Voice NFT on Pizzap.

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