Plian Monthly Report — May 2022

Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.

Development Progress

  1. EVM upgrade for mainnet, support solc version 0.8.9
  2. Geth upgrade for mainnet, version 1.10.9
  3. Optimization upgrade of make commands for mainnet
  4. Complete the optimization of child chain automatic reward
  5. Start test JAVA API
  6. Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

The upgrade includes 211 changed files with 36,908 additions and 6,605 deletions.

Plian News

Plian Mainnet [V1.4.00] Upgrade

Plian network including main-chain and child-chain has been successfully upgraded to V1.4.00 on 31st May, 2022 (UTC+8). We have published the tutorial for the nodes and reminded them to upgrade quickly.

Plian Ecosystem Project

A Strategic Partnership with WastelandDAO

Plian has announced a announce a strategic partnership with WastelandDAO to build a NFT-Based Free2Play & Play2Earn game on Plian on 17th May, 2022(UTC+8).

Punlic-Sale of Baby Bunny NFT

Public-sale of Baby Bunny NFT was live on 16th May, 2022 (UTC+8).

You can buy & sell Baby Bunny NFT on OpenSea at .

Now the number of total items is 252. The number of total owners is 75.



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