Plian Monthly Report—September 2021

Please find below the key highlights of the last four weeks.

Development progress

1. Developed MVP verification for pbridge

2. Developed the the basic security mechanism multi-signature for cross-chain bridge

3. Test on the cross chain transfer with the assets of ERC 20 & ERC 721 between Plian network and Ethereum

4. Other PCHAIN mainnet operation and maintenance

Plian news

1. To give back community,Plian & Pizzap jointly launched the event of Stake PI Earn a Tesla at All participants will receive additional 100 PNFT, the Top 10 stakers will get a share of 10,000 $USDT. This epoch will end on October 10th. Details:

2. Plian re-opened the non-swapped ERC 20 PAI swap from August 30th to September 26th. Finally, 6,533,716 ERC 20 PAI were swapped to 6,533.716 PNFT in the past four weeks. Thanks for Pizzap support.

3. Plian Multichain framework design with 1main chain + N subchains for PoS security. Dex Paiswap and Voice NFT Platform Pizzap are now deployed on Subchain1. Users can get engaged in these applications via internal cross chain. Next, we will finalize the external cross chain with pbridge.

4. Plian $PI PoS Staking in Epoch NO.29 will end on October 4th.

Total staking amount: 220M+

Consensus nodes: 51 on main chain & 13 on

5. Plian $PI DeFi Staking at

Current staking amount: 186M+

This Epoch will end on October 10th 2021.

Plian ecosystem project

1. On September 7th, Pizzap launched an voice collection event to imitate the voice of Binance CEO CZ, which have the chance to be displayed on the Pizzap NFT platform.

2. Pizzap announced the “#Pizzap Ambassador Plan”. It will reward ambassadors with PNFT and USDT, NFT work of rare, opportunity to be the core volunteers,etc.

3. Dex Paiswap has switched into the new Epoch on September 13th. The mining reward reaches 800K PNFT. The Epoch will end on October 10th.

4. Check the following articles to get more VoiceNFT on Pizzap.

Multiple NFT works form a system, the system will gain a magnitude growth due to the construction of community members.

The Globality and Uniqueness of NFT.

Voice ID has commercial value.Creators, Artist, collectors and buidlers planet help to enrich the VoiceNFT collection.

GameFi advocates “Play To Earn”, while NFTFi advocates “Create To Earn”.

Learn more

For more information, please visit Plian’s new website and updated documentation. Follow Plian on Twitter, join the general discussions on Telegram and technical discussions on Discord.




Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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