Plian Monthly Report — September 2022

3 min readOct 2, 2022


Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.

Development Progress


  1. Technical Development
  • Developed the new Plian explorer
  • Developed the contract functions in chain instead of writing code in contract
  • Child-chain automatic reward testing
  • Improved the performance of network
  • Monitored the stability of network after EVM and slash upgrading
  • Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

2. PlianDAO

  • Completed the core functions of product
  • Started product form and UI page design
  • Stablecoin based on PI Staking
  • Sorted out and investigated the credit mortgage scheme based on SBT


  1. Paiswap
  • Completed Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0
  • Collected and sort out the feedback from the community
  • Planed the official launch schedule

2. BBC V2

  • Enriched the SBT (Soul Bound Token) mechanism
  • Completed frontend development
  • Started the front-end and back-end joint debugging test

3. New Aggregation Version of Pizzap

  • Enriched the product form and UI page design, covering NFT Market, voice NFT, and Pizzap NFT
  • Completed the backend and contract development
  • Completed some frontend development

Plian News

Plian V1.5.00 Upgrading

Plian mainnet v1.5.00 was launched on September 1st. We have noticed all the NODES to upgrade for running better.

PlianDAO Q3 Recap

We have published a recap about the summary of Q3 Roadmap, which we announced in early Q3. The recap includes the process of:

-Plian MainNet Upgrading

-Plian Tools


-Plian Ecosystem

Plian Ecosystem Project

PizzapDAO AMA in September

PizzapDAO launched an important AMA in September, here are the crucial points:

  1. vNFT, mNFT, PNFT
  2. Use Cases
  3. IVO

Paiswap Public Beta Endding

PizzapDAO announced the Public Beta of Paiswap was over in mid-September. The reward-sending time and specific event data was also announced.

Wasteland Test Events

WastelandDAO is preparing for the close-beta testing very soon. They expressed that this kind of playing is on a testnet, invited only.

Learn More

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