Plian Monthly Report — September 2023

2 min readOct 1, 2023

Please check below the key highlights of the last 4 weeks.

Development Progress

1. Technical Development

  • Test of crosschain with one transcation
  • Published the crosschain with one transcation to testnet
  • Developed and tested the crosschain with one transcation on Piwallte
  • Optimized node status monitoring
  • Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance

2. Pizzap

  • Released a new version online
  • Launched two new modules: AIGC Creation Contest and Gallery
  • Updated the new version of UI&UX
  • Optimized the mobile terminal & Pizzap AIGC (TTS, TTI)
  • Developed Pizzap Bitcoin version
  • Fixed the known bugs

Plian News

Plian Epoch 53

Both the Plian Mainchain & Subchain has entered into Epoch 53, the datas are as follows.

Upgarading of Plian V1.6.00

The newest version of Plian, V1.6.00, was upgraded on September 28th (UTC+8). The “crosschain with one transaction” feature will greatly enhance the user experience for cross-chain interactions. This upgrade was a soft fork, and all nodes were required to complete the upgrade before October 7th (UTC+8).

Plian Ecosystem Project

Paispace V2

The newest version of the AIGC platform Paispace has been launched recently,the new functions are as follows:

  1. creation — create with AI
  2. marketplace — buy & sell your NFT
  3. gallery — view the hottest NFTs
  4. contest — create to win the big prize
  5. airdrops — receive the DAO benefits

Pizzap Creative Contest

The creators in Paispace actively participated the Creative Contest held in September, the result of the final top 3 winners was also revealed.

Learn More

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