Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 07/05/2019

We have finished the AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Q1: Qiangsheng Holding…is it still in development phase? If not when will Qiangsheng Holding use utility token PI instead of tPI. According to the Road Map 2019…Q2 first Commercial Child Chain start-up. Is it on schedule? If so is PCHAIN “ready” for China and the rest of the world.
Feng: Qiangsheng case will have some update within this week. We will have some good news. 1st Commercial Child Chain is completely on schedule. And we will release more new tech on Commercial Child Chain after Qiangsheng case.

Q2: How does it work? Using token PI per transaction. Does PCHAIN has a formula for using PI per transaction.i.e. how many token PI to use per transaction.
Feng: We will explain more details after Qiangsheng case. How to balance alliance chain and public chain through our commercial child chain innovation.

Q3: When will Ploutzo build their DAPP? Any time frame?
Feng: Yes. We are discussing the time frame with them recently.

Q4: 2019, we will do everything to improve the awareness of PCHAIN and make more and more people to recognize the value of PCHAIN!
Can you elaborate further…like how?
Feng: More exchanges and more marketing event such hackathon, meetup, more collaboration with big company and more partnership.

Q5: Can you give us a hint what kind of future lies ahead of PCHAIN?
Feng: We always ahead of market in our tech innovation. And it will continue in 2019 in the mean time you can find more and more case landing via PCHAIN tech.

Q6: What is the current status of the patents within the EU and America territories?
Feng: We got 12-month protection. and it’s going well.

Q7: Has PCHAIN managed to look into Quant Network and have there been any further developments?
Feng: We’d like to look into.

Q8: Could the bounty be utilized for the community to create multilingual* tutorials for staking, or provide input on UI design etc.?
Feng: Yes.

Q9: Could you remind us the use cases of the PI token? Also, what are the mechanisms (token economics) to translate the Company’s growth into the PI Token Price and / or through the redistribution of the Mainnet activity (block rewards, transaction fees, private chains proceeds, etc.) to the Miner nodes and their delegators?
Feng: More and more child chain will be built. And that means more staking of PI is needed. For these child chain, more and more DAPP will be deployed and utilizing PI.

Q10: Are PCHAIN planning on attending Consensus next year to gain exposure in the Western markets?

Feng: We already attend consensus in 2018 Singapore. And I will be in NY next week for consensus. I am the few Chinese people who attended Consensus in NY since 2016.

Q11: Why did you limit the swap amounts of the 27 weekly swaps?
Feng: We need to ensure the stable of mainnet before large scale swapping. even though, we have enough test in testnet1.0 and 2.0. And we are confident of our mainnet. But We still hope to reduce the potential risk as much as possible.

Q12: When will you release the timeline and procedure of the Official swap in June?
Feng: In June.

Q13: Is there works on arranging for an exchange to support the token swap in June?
Feng: Yes.

Q14: So does that mean 12 months’ protection, but pending approval?
Feng: They need time to process.

Q15: Does PCHAIN use WeChat as a means of communicating to the chinese community?
Feng: Yes.

Q16: Hi! In the last update I saw that you are developing external childchains, can you explain a little further what this means?
Feng: External childchains = commercial child chains.

Q17: Has a contingency plan been put in motion for this:
Feng: We strictly follow the rules. In our WeChat, we only talk about blochchain tech instead of token price.

Q18: Can you say that the ideas and tasks of the chinaledger alliance are now embodied in the PCHAIN project? (small pieces of white paper)
Feng: You really digged out a lot of information in Chinese:). Yes. we keep good connection with various Financial and Government applications in China. And we will declare more news in future. In fact, more and more big enterprise, bank and local government would like to adopt blockchain tech in their real time applications.

Q19: I would be glad to organize these types of local events in Paris now that I am admin of French group.
Feng: Maybe, we will be in Paris this year.

Q20: Alliance chain will be private?
Feng: Can be private or public, it totally depends on the commercial requirement. Technically, we can support both of them. And even to switch from private to public.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

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