Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 09/04/2019

Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 09/04/2019

We have finished the AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram. Thank you for your participation an­d support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Q1: When does the voting start?

Feng: Voting for Child Chain 1 will start at first. Plz notice our announcement.

Q2: 您好Jeff Cao(曹峰),与Qiangsheng Holding 的合作对于PCHAIN和整个市场都非常重要。俄方认为:这是一次非常重大的事件,可谓是真正的突破!您是否会在将其发布到报刊媒体上,或召开视频会议等?我个人认为这将是一个很好的营销,您认为呢?

Feng: Thanks for your question in Chinese :) . Yes, we will have some formal announcement for this collaboration. We are very glad to see the progress of this project. It’s already in the development phrase. And we are hopefully to see some announcement within this month or early in the next month.

Q3: How are PCHAIN related to Oneledger and how do you benefit from each other?

Feng: Oneledger is an important partner of PCHAIN in Canada. The founder of Oneledger is very famous in Canada. We had several round discussions on tech collaboration.

Q4: Are there any plans to improve the UI?

Feng: Yes. We will continuous update our website.

Q5: Has PCHAIN been approved by the CAC? Or, when do you envisage this happening?

Feng: Yes. We submitted our registration. In fact, it’s just for registration. It doesn’t mean any confirmation of the production/company/foundation from China Government which is highlighted in the announcement.

Q6: When will the push for marketing commerce? I.e. amas etc., the mainnet was launched and very few knew of it.

Feng: We will announce a DAPP hackathon soon. And you can expect more and more DAPP will built on PCHAIN including the commercial child chains.

Q7: Have you looked into Quant since our last conversation and what are your thoughts?

Feng: Quant looks good. We can seek for more details and apply for join.

Q8: What is PCHAIN classified as by the Chinese securities commission?

Feng: We already submit our registration. And we keep good conversation with Chinese Network Security Office. You may notice their latest visit from our twitter in last weekend.

Q9: Will PCHAIN go on big exchanges other than Bibox in the coming months?

Feng: We already listed in Bittrex. And PCHAIN will be listed in more exchanges for sure.

Q10: Jeff I read an article where you are or was the head of research with 8 Chinese banks, which seeks to solve the problems of falsification of bills in China, is this correct or is it another Jeff Cao :)? and if true, is this investigation still active? Will the DAPP in PCHAIN be developed?

Feng: Yes. It’s me. It’s an active product which already helped over 1000+ small & middle size enterprise to get over 1.2 Billion RMB funds.

Q11: What is marketing in yr. view?

Feng: Anything relevant to improve the awareness of PCHAIN and made more and more people recognize the value of PCHAIN.

Q12: Bittrex is not considered big anymore, Binance, Huobi, Okex are big.

Feng: Different people have different point of view. From our point of view or many Asian participant, we still believe Bittrex is a very respective exchanges. As we said, we keep good discussion with all top exchanges in the world.

Q13: Hi Jeff! Does PCHAIN have any plan and strategy how to get developers to build ecosystem? Maybe bounty or something?

Feng: Yes. We will announce that soon.

Q14: Any new partnerships with big companies in the pipeline Mr. Cao?

Feng: Yes. We will have more and more collaboration.

Q15: Somehow I agree but there’s not much liquidity on Bittrex that’s why I said it’s not like as others.

Feng: I agree. The problem is we are still in bear market. Even though the future is quite bright.

Q16: What are some of the obstacle your team is currently working on to solve?

Feng: It’s depends on the number of child chain. More and more professional super node service providers are seeking our collaboration.

Q17: Jeff will there be any further tokens released into the circulating supply this year?

Feng: More and more token will be mined in this year. On the other hand, more and more token will be locked/stake to become a super node for mining.

Q18: Jeff will PCHAIN ever integrate Sharding or snarks?

Feng: You may notice that some project who claim “Sharding” is changed to Multichain now :). While we are development some more advanced sharding tech beyond multichain via some dynamic algorithms.

Q19: Jeff any news about the logistics child chain, will they join PCHAIN?

Feng: Yes. We have many partner in this direction. They will build commercial child chains on PCHAIN.

Q20: Why is block creation time so unstable?

Feng: The public network is very unstable. And we only rely on very cheap machines in our super nodes (60–120 times cheaper than EOS nodes). But you can find our block generation never stopped. We also rewrite the P2P network layer in our practice. And we are developing new algorithm to make it more stable under these serious conditions.

Q21: What TPS has been achieved at mainnet?

Feng: Main chain is over 400 TPS. Child Chain 1 is over 400 TPS. The overall TPS can be linearly extended as more and more child chain setup.

Q22: Why can’t they use good machines like EOS?

Feng: That means 60–120 times cost for each super node owner. It’s ROI consideration. From tech point of view, you can switch to expensive machine at any time if you want.

Q23: What number of functioning childchains do you expect by the end of 2020?

Feng: We have already seen over 5 directions by the end of 2019. Each direction may generate 5–10 DAPPs. For 2020, I don’t know :)

Q24: I heard it will be total 200 nodes eoy?

Feng: It’s can be much more if more request on child chains. Generally, these is no limitation on the number of nodes.

Q25: What are your first impressions of the Mainnet? Your expectations (goals) for the next 3 months?

Feng: The mainnet is quite stable in serious public network environment. Much more stable than many existing project. In the next 3 months, we will have DAPP hackathon and the 1st commercial child chain landing.

Q26: As well as cross-chain and smart data, will you investigate anonymity solutions in 2019 such as the MimbleWimble and the zk-Snark protocols?

Feng: Cross chain and smart data is not mainly for anonymity.

Q27: Latest update regarding Commercial Child Chains and Dapps moving to PCHAIN Mainnet?

Feng: Answered in 1.

Q28: Will you apply your 6 Chinese patents to other geographies such as the US and Europe?

Feng: Yes.

Q29: Will you share more code (all of it?) on PCHAIN GitHub now that the mainnet is live?

Feng: We had more and more code in open source. You can find the latest code of PIWallet.

Q30: Do U care about Pi price now?

Feng: Of course. We care but not that care. As you known, only small group of people can really earn money in the market. The true value of blockchain is the tech innovation which never changed.

Q31: Why should we hold Pi now, on start of bull market, when other projects doing better marketing and their prices going up?

Feng: Long term value is more important. So we are working hard and made everything going well.

Q32: What is the expected roi for different variations of PI staking (supernode, validator etc.)? Want more details about future staking opportunities.

Feng: Every month, there will be voting.

Q33: I mean make both open source code, PiMonitor and PiScan

Feng: Yes. We will. In fact, they just call the RPC of PCHAIN services.

Q34: Jeff there was supposed to be 7 token swaps per week but so far there is none, when those will start?

Feng: More details will be announced step by step. We got too many things to be announced.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

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