Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 21/05/2019

We have finished the AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Q1: Most of us, am sure, appreciate yr initiative to do AMA every fortnight. Thank you. The thing is that week after week we hear about the coming collaboration of many companies interested in PCHAIN. Can you tell us more. You know that talk is cheap, we the investors need more solid proof than just talk. We have investors almost in tears just looking at how our beloved PI doing in the market and that is not too good. I hope you understand.

Feng: A lot of questions. 1) which kind of proof your needed? I said we will have 1st class exchanges, and you can find Bittrex, Upbit … I said we will have marketing, you can find our PCHAIN game hackathon launched… and I will have AMA with Neutrino (Etherum Foundation supported) … and you will see more marketing event hold by PCHAIN

Q2: We keep getting Qiang Sheng Smart-E is coming…. can you tell us when?

Feng: It’s already launched and confirmed by Qiang Sheng Smart-E in their official WeChat channel. Given the NDA, I can’t disclose more details.

Q3: Follow up with Pluotzo…any news yet or still hanging?

Feng: It’s on-going. I understand our fans hope to PCHAIN to grow fast. While we are already officially working 6 days/ weeks over 1 years and not counting our personal time. For me, I don’t sleep :) I worked over 110 hours per week. We tried our best. But Roma can’t be built within 1 day. We never delay and always ahead of our schedule. It’s never changed.

Q4: Any news with KIINGGRID…collaboration still on?

Feng: Yes. we are providing new interfaces and they will integrate.

Q5: There are some misunderstandings about how PCHAIN Bounty Program works…especially when one receives a tremendous amount of bonus PI. Can you explain how it actually works!

Feng: We will explain that in a separated channel for PCHAIN Bounty. Generally, it’s stickily calculated results.

Q6: If you check the last 2 weeks PCHAIN Announcement Telegram, not much exciting news except old news n conferences…is there any plan to boost the announcement area…like what PCHAIN has in mind concerning marketing etc.

Feng: We will have online AMA and offline meeting in China Market which already got the support from 10 top crypto media in China.

Q7: Hi Jeff! All I write now is a common sense of everything I read for weeks about PCHAIN. PCHAIN is soon out of the top 500 on CMC, really sad situation for a project based on POS, where the token price has direct correlation with network security. Bounty + Hackathon doesn’t go well either, as I can see, do you have any plans to get PCHAIN more stable from a real downtrend for a year? So when the tokens are swapped people should delegate in the network that is stable and have no danger of being hacked. There are many millions of PI, we should focus on making the network decentralized, BUT to stake PI in network with such a low marketcap is not safe in my opinion. Thank you if you can spend your time to answer this!

Feng: We didn’t start our large scale staking yet. But it will start soon in June. Regarding CMC ranking, as they didn’t count the 200 million token which already swapped into native token, so it’s not precise.

Q8: With such poor liquidity how do you feel delaying the team token release?

Feng: Team token release, we already delayed and postponed 3 times. But one thing is for sure, even team token unlocked, you will not find much token supply increase in the market. As it will be released linearly in 3 years. And our team will also put most unlocked PI as stake in PCHAIN network.

Q9: Market awareness needs to be improved and I believe twitter is a great platform for this? Are you open to on boarding a twitter manager?

Feng: Yes, we are opening to hire oversea community member and manager.

Q10: When will we hear about a token swap that is supported by an exchange?

Feng: In June.

Q11:How is progress with Binance Cross chain?

Feng: We are discussing that function with Binance team.

Q12: Hi Jeff, how are the weekly swaps processed by the mainnet? Do you now have more visibility on a date for the official swap in June and Exchange Support?

Feng: Yes, it’s going well.

Q13: Jeff we all know that the team and you are working on a technology, but understand that we are supporting this technology and at least we would like to see reflected in the price.

Could you comment on the marketing strategy that PCHAIN has so that the price of the token can have its corresponding increasing value?

Feng: I don’t want to answer the price question in our AMA. while in Feb 2019, I said the price of PCHAIN is undervalued, at time it’s the lowest price of PCHAIN in 2019, which got 3 times increase after PCHAIN Bittrex listing. Given current situtation, I said it again, PCHAIN is undervalued. But I hope you really understood why it’s undervalued. If you get through the $1 eth time, you will understand. At that time, I bought and sold 10k+ eth per transactions.

Q14: I will not ask for exchanges, but it is worrying to know that TEAM will unlock a number of tokens in a few days, and there is no liquidity, Demand is not enough to buy the team’s tokens, or the team does not have plans to sell them now?

Feng: Most team token will be used for staking. don’t worry.

Q15: The team apart from working in marketing in real life relating to possible partners, have you planned to generate some kind of marketing in the traditional websites of the crypto world?

Feng: Yes.

Q16: People who have validators, panda, node, supernode that is delegating, their PI tokens will be blocked for what period? or there is no block and when they want they can withdraw from their reward plan and be able to disengage from their PCHAIN.

Feng: For executive super node, their token will be locked for 6 month or 12 month. For normal super nodes and delegators, their token will be locked for 1 month.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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