Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 24/04/2019

We have finished the AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram. Thank you for your participation an­d support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Q1: What kind of impact is the new strategic partner Keystore going to have in your future development. Trying to wrap my head around this new partner.

Feng: It will make our foundation more transparent and facilitate our finance management.

Q2: More details about the Binance Chain (BNB) cross chain bridge? BNB, ETH and BCH in Q3–19; BTC in Q4–19? DEX Dapp?

Feng: Yes. DEX schedule is not finalized. We got a lot of dev task this year. It will depends on market situation in Q4.

Q3: Latest update regarding Commercial Child Chains and Dapps moving to PCHAIN Mainnet?

Feng: The 1st Commercial Child Chain is in development phrase. And it will be done in Q2.

Q4: Will you apply your 6 Chinese patents to other locations such as the US and Europe?

Feng: Yes.

Q5: As well as cross-chain and smart data, will you investigate anonymity solutions in 2019 such as the MimbleWimble and the zk-Snark protocols?


Q6: Update on the mobile wallet development and hardware integrations aka Ledger / Trezor.

Feng: For Mobile wallet,we already collaborate with SWFTC. And we are considering to have more mobile wallet partners. Hardware integration will take more time

Q7: We are all very excited to see Binance chain is using PCHAIN for crosschain obviously!! You must be further ahead than we think in regards to crosschain public chain. Binance had many other options to choose from in regards to crosschain interoperability. Why did they choose PCHAIN over the likes of Polkadot, Icon, Wanchain and many others?

Feng: We will have more discussion with Binance Chain team. Currently,we don’t have any more updates.

Q8: About the SWFT wallet, a member was asking if it could support the swap in June, since it supports both the ERC-20 and native PI?

Feng: Yes.

Q9: PCHAIN has a more efficient crosschain method than your competitors?

New breakthrough possibly?

Feng: Our consensus algorithm is very decentralized and efficient which empowers PCHAIN crosschain efficiency.

Q10: When will you open swap for Pi holders? It was supposed to be in April with 6 slots no?

Feng: We will announce more details soon. The slot is around 27+ every week.

Q11: Is your smart Data solution still on target for Q3?

Feng: Yes. We will have smart data function in Q3.

Q12: Do you plan of announcing key partnerships btw now and mainnet in June?

Feng: We are keeping building partnership. You can expect more and more partners in near future.

Q13: How long does it take to get technology and popularity EOS.

Feng: That‘s the advantage of Commercial Child Chain(CCC). The data is only shared inside the CCC. And the summarized hash data will be stored in main chain.

Q14: Are you going to provide the data storage for these companies operating on the child chains or do you have another strategic partner in that area. Maybe sharding? I think you may have answered in the previous question actually. Stored on Mainchain.

Feng: They are running the nodes themselves. The storage is not a problem. And our smart data reduction function can help

Q15: Will you share more code (or all of it?) in PCHAIN GitHub now that the mainnet is live? Or are you waiting for more patents and across more geographies?

Feng: Yes. We will share more code.

Q16: Latest update on the Mainnet stability and consistency in the block generation speed. Dynamic algo already added?

Feng: It’s very robust. Dynamic algo is added.

Q17: How do you see competition PCHAIN with centralized blockchains from Tennent, Huawei, Alibaba, How do you plan to win?

Feng: :)I don’t think traditional internet company can win this new battle in blockchain.

Q18: Jeff will you open up anymore panda nodes or similar incentive?

Feng: Maybe. In fact,Our super nodes election is a kind of incentive mechanism.

Q19: What will the future be?What price do you expect?

How long does it take to get technology and popularity EOS?

Feng: Market will find the true value of PCHAIN.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

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