Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 26/03/2019

We have finished the AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Q1: How 2 announced partnerships (Qiangsheng and Kinggrid) make official announcement about partnership with PCHAIN?

How many times need to make the network ready for these partnerships?

Feng: We have done the detailed design with Qiangsheng. And we will announce the 1st commercial child chain with them after mainnet. Kinggrid will be the next.

Q2: It’s still a bit unclear which features will be included in the main net of 31 march. For example, will sharding, cross chain interoperability, non-native smart contract support & smart data oracles be included in the upcoming main net?

Feng: Multichain, PDBFT consensus, blind bidding and safe delegation. Smart data and cross chain will be our tech focus in 2019.

Q3: When will the PI ticker change be effective across all exchanges and coinmarketcap (CMC)?

Feng: It will be updated gradually. you may notice that in CMC when you search PCHAIN you can find PAI in most exchanges and PI in Bittrex. We already contacted with CMC and many exchanges.

Q4: You said that the FIAT proceeds coming from private child chains sales will be converted into tokens bought on exchanges by the PCHAIN foundation and locked (which is amazing btw), will they be locked into PCHAIN Foundation Super Nodes? Or simply locked away, and for how long?

Feng: The details have been defined. Currently, we mainly focused on main net launch. When the 1st commercial child chain online, we will define these rules clear.

Q5: Have you looked into (or considered) integrating PCHAIN onto Quant Network? It’s an OS system geared towards enterprise and part of the EU blockchain standard ISO TC 307? Many blockchains and companies have already joined.

Feng: We will consider that. And we may build partnership with some other enterprise blockchain providers as well.

Q6: If a project needs say 3000 TPS with 1 smart contract, how will PCHAIN platform handle it?

Feng: We can use multi child chain. if need 1 child chain to handle 3000 TPS the simply way is to use expensive machine as EOS in the child chain :)

Q7: Will you release more documentation with the mainnet launch, maybe a technical paper or updated white paper?

Feng: Yes.

Q8: So do I understand also the sharding mechanism for 31 march?

Feng: From some point of view, yes. You may also notice that some “sharding” project already to use multichain to explain their “sharding” tech :)

Q9: Will PCHAIN partner with any top 100 cryptocurrency project in the near future?

Feng: more and more top projects are seeking partnership with PCHAIN. We will announce more partnership in near future.

Q10: PCHAIN recently got listed on Bittrex which is amazing, but will PCHAIN get listed on new exchanges in the near future?

Feng: It’s for sure. We will have more and more exchanges in 2019, which is one of our key target in 2019.

Q11: Will PCHAIN rebrand in the near future?

Feng: We will use PI to replace PAI. And we will have a new brand on Smart Data, which is an important tech direction of PCHAIN in 2019

Q12: Could we know PCHAIN how to make progress in partnership with Chinese government and enterprises like Alipay?

Feng: We keep good connection with government. And we are very active in standard definition such as IEEE blockchain data format and supply chain with Ant Finance (Ali Group)

Q13: Could the PCHAIN foundation consider creating (free of charge if possible) a child chain specifically dedicated for small and self-employed game developers to bring their games to Blockchain?

Feng: Yes. We will extend official child chains in 2019.

Q14: Also a rebranding of the whole image of PCHAIN, website, maybe logo and other designs?

Feng: Yes. We will update our website and logo and other design in mainnet launch. As I declared that marketing will be our key in 2019 :)

Q15: I think PCHAIN is №1 in blockhain technology now. Do you agree?

Feng: In terms of multichain with EVM support, yes :) we achieved 256 child chains in field. As far as I known, I didn’t see any other project have done this.

Q16: Yes, I would love a logo that resembles the structure of PCHAIN. Like Tron etc. they look really professional.

Feng: Okay, we will consider that.

Q17: Please consider to use a different logo that is more simple and cool than elliptic curve. Looks at great company’s logo, like apple, very simple.

Feng: Ok. We will consider your suggestion.

Q18: Are there likely to be any further YouTube AMAs for project updates, as we gear towards the mainnet launch?

Feng: Yes. We will have AMA after mainnet launch.

Q19: how will PCHAIN prevent manipulation of super nodes as I understand LISK had issues with their delegation system?

Feng: to make super nodes as many as possible

Q20: I will love the 10percent airdrop in a month due to signing up for Panda and panda-x but not getting selected. Does this sort of thing make PCHAIN a security in the governments eyes. Isn’t PI a utility token? PS I don’t want that removed. Looking forward to the reward.

Feng: Of course, PI is a utility token.

Q21: Will PCHAIN runs a dex?

Feng: We are considering this direction. And we may collaborate with some partner on this.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.

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Plian positions itself to bring near-instant blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralisation or security to public and enterprise DeFi.