Telegram AMA — Summary

We have finished the Telegram AMA with PCHAIN founder Dr. Jeff Cao on September 16th. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Jeff: Nothing special. We are just trying different channels

Jeff: It’s still in early stage to talk about license, as DCEP didn’t have formal agenda yet.

Jeff: as Q2 answered, it’s too early to talk about license. when DCEP getting clear, we are open to collaborate with any partner who is interesting in this direction.

Jeff: The upcoming CCC is relevant to many participants with big scenario. PI is important in the scenario as it will take the role of gas.

Jeff: We will have mobile wallet as it’s open for testing. When the DCEP become public available, we will integrate it in our mobile wallet.

Jeff: We dont estimate. but we are keeping good relationship with these Internet giant especially in blockchain standard。

Jeff: We already fixed part of the cross chain internally. while we really have a lot of threads to follow, especially for the upcoming CCC which includes at least 8 different threads. So the cross chain function is a little slow.

Jeff: We were invited to attend the BSN ecosystem meetup in last week.

Jeff: Sorry. We have NDA.

Jeff: Around October, 2020.

Jeff: Yes. We got more and more requirement on CCC. On the path of global digitalization, I believe DCEP will take very very important role in future. And that’s why we decided to take DCEP as an important infrastructure of PCHAIN 2.0.

Jeff: Yes. We believe there will be more news outside this community.

Jeff: Thanks for your great support from our great community. PCHAIN cann’t become success without your great support and encourage as always.


Thanks for your reading.

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