V1.5.01 Mainnet Upgrade Tutorial for Plian Node Runners

1 min readDec 6, 2022

To all the Plian node runners, please follow the steps below to make sure your node is correctly set-up after a Plian Mainnet upgrade:

1. Check if your Plian node has updated to the latest version:

Run ‘cd ~/pchain ./bin/pchain version’, it will return the latest Plian version running on your node.
More details here: https://pliangroup.gitbook.io/plian/faq/check-node-status-step-by-step#how-to-check-pchains-version

2. If your node is not running with the latest version, please find and download it here:


3. Follow the link below to check if your node is syncing:


4. If not syncing, please download the latest file:

Unzipped File

tar xzf pchain_mainnet_v1.5.01.tar.gz

Updateding Script
cp ./pchain_mainnet_v1.5.01/scripts/updatefile.sh ~/pchain/scripts/
cp ./pchain_mainnet_v1.5.01/scripts/monitor.sh ~/pchain/scripts/

If any questions, please feel free to contact us at https://t.me/pchainsupernode

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