Weekly Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 12/12/2018

Thanks for PCHAIN partner GTEX join our AMA on 11 Dec.2018 , 10PM (UTC+8).

The following is the summary of the AMA.

Yao Yuan [PCHAIN]

GTEX (Game Token Economy & Exchange) plans to bring the real world economy to the virtual world of gaming. GTEX is creating a blockchain based platform that will enable tokenization and liquidation of the in-game assets. Our goal is to help gamers monetize their efforts, while helping game developers reach large audiences. GTEX platform is constructed from four main components: Game mall, Game Item Auction, Wallet, and Exchange. These four platforms are designed to stimulate the gaming economy and create benefits for gamers and game developers.

Hi Vlad, could you please introduce yourself a bit?

Vladimir [GTEX]

I am, Vladimir Milosevic the Chief Operating Officer of GTEX. I am a lifelong gamer with a marketing background. At the age of 14 I co-founded Gamers Space, a successful online forum and gaming magazine in Serbia. I went on to co-found GS Power, a successful internet marketing agency. I decided to co-found GTEX because of the opportunity to apply my set of skills to an idea that I am passionate about, and that’s revolutionizing the gaming world.

Part 1: Questions for PCHAIN

Q1: Is it possible to create dex based on PCHAIN with the support cross chain BTC and ETH?

A1: Yes. It will be another Key direction for PCHAIN in 2019

Q2: With 1 sec finality?

A2: Correct and leverage multi chain capability.

Great!Let’s switch to GTEX. Looking forward your sharing.

Part 2: Questions for GTEX

Q1: Hello What were the main reasons that GTEX chose PCHAIN and not another multi chain project?

Have you already done internal tests with the PCHAIN testnet 2.0 for what you want GTEX?

A1: We decided to form a partnership with PCHAIN because we believe that they have the right team of people. We think that PCHAIN is fastest public chain and high TPS. We believe that PCHAIN’s technology will be able to support our future high-speed and low-latency transactions for the virtual game asset trading.

Q2: GTEX token will be initially released on ETH or PCHAIN ?

A2: We will initially release on ETH, but we plan on transferring to PCHAIN in the future.

Q3: The PCHAIN token will have utility in GTEX exchange?

A3: We will launch several games in which you’re going to be able to use PCHAIN token to play. You will also be able to convert PCHAIN tokens into other tokens and use them on our platform and in other games.

Q4: Is GTEX just the token or a platform?

A4: GTEX (Game Token Economy & Exchange) is a platform. We are literally bringing the real world economy to the virtual world. We plan to do this by providing full service for gamers and game developers. We are creating a game mall, game item auction, token exchange and a unique wallet.

Q5: Your project is a competitor BitGuild? If so, why are you better than them?

A5: That’s a good question. We consider them a competitor, but they do not provide the complete service like we do. We believe that our platform is designed to cover all of the needs of gamers and game developers, whereas projects like BitGuild focus on a couple specific areas. We will work closely with game developers to help them launch their tokens and promote their games to large audiences. We will also hold out on doing the ICO until we have a platform that’s completely ready and functional.

Q6: How are you gonna attract players to your games?

A6: We are creating an ecosystem where every feature is designed to stimulate another. By attracting great game developers we will attract gamers. We plan to do airdrops, mass marketing and more in the future. At this stage we are focused on finishing our GTEX DEMO that will launch at the end of this year.

Q7: Can you share more information about your demo?

A7: Sure. We plan on releasing a fully functional demo in the following couple of weeks. We will integrate several games and tokens that will be available for testing our platform. Users will be able to register their accounts, activate games, play the games, purchase game tokens and use those game tokens in the games.

Please feel free to check out our website (and whitepaper) at: https://gtexgame.io/

Q8: What types of game are planned?

A8: We are working with several gaming companies to launch unique games for our platform. Games of all types and sizes will be able to utilize GTEX. I can tell you that we are planning to release some really cool MMORPG and FPS games.

Q9: Will you be able to buy and sell game items on your platform? Just like BitGuild

A9: Yes. We will use ERC721 to enable the tokenization and liquidization of game assets. You will be able to buy, sell and trade all of the in-game assets (including items and tokens).

We will be back at the end of this year to introduce you the new game that we are preparing with PCHAIN. It’s very exciting!

Thanks for having us! It’s always a pleasure to work with you guys!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

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